Milind Soman: The Official “ULTRAMAN”

Milind Soman the real “Mard” of India has proved himself in Florida too.

No, scratch that!

Milind Soman is The Official “ULTRAMAN” Now. 

Can we expect any less from this Mard who made Indian Men proud at the World Level? Forget the normal marathons where the men run for the meager distance of 200-500 meters. Our Indian Mard has surpassed the level of normal marathons by running in the Ultramarathon held in Florida.

“Sir” Milind Soman has recently has been a contender in the World’s Toughest marathon “The Ultramarathon Florida“. And Milind Soman has made India proud by successfully completing the marathon with flying colors.


And the Mumma’s Boy like always had a rejoice at the finish line after finishing the world’s toughest marathon.

And to add to the information file in your brain in the Ultramarathon folder, the name is given due to its very harsh track line.

#Day-110 km of swimming and 142 km of cycling.

#Day 2276 km of cycling and day 3 is an 84-kilometer run!


Milind Soman was not the only Indian to participate in the marathon. There were other 4 Indians who were able to compete and complete the race but didn’t get an equal amount of eminence. We should really be proud of them!


The Four Guys who joined Milind Soman were:

#1 Abhishek Mishra

#2 Kaustubh Radkar

#3 Prithviraj Patil

#4 Manmadh Rebba

And the most special part of the marathon was that Milind Soman completed it barefooted, yes shocking but true. Forget the branded shoes,  He covered half a thousand kilometers without any footwear.


And when everything was over, the Ultramarathoner updated his FB status by saying,


A humble Ultraman!

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