BBC Urdu Was Wrong; The Azaan Is Easily Audible At Sonu Nigam’s House

Sonu Nigam’s tweets on “forced religiousness” was a reminder for a significant number of us. Despite the fact that his tweets were somewhat forceful, however, the message he passed on was boisterous and clear. However, tragically, a great many people didn’t comprehend his rational soundness. He was wrongly rebuked for an idea of praying. Actually, his lone concern was the abuse of amplifiers at religious spots.

Also, the expert vocalist took a “bare” move for his respectability and convictions after a maulvi, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, declared a honor of Rs 10 lakh for the individual who can shave Sonu’s hair.

This contention took an another disorganized turn when BBC Urdu announced that the azaan can’t be heard at Sonu Nigam’s home. As indicated by the reports, a BBC columnist went to Nigam’s home at 5 a.m since the season of azaan is 5.04 a.m. The journalist sat tight for 60 minutes and still, couldn’t hear Azaan.

A BBC journalist tweeted this:

It is currently said that the BBC journalists passed up a major opportunity a vital detail. Correspondents had gone by his Andheri level situated in Mumbai, Versova range, and the artist has another level at Andheri’s Millat Nagar territory, and that is the place the artist tweeted on Monday morning.

The Quint group went to his another level, and the Azaan is effectively discernable.

Likewise, the artist, as well, posted a video from his level where plainly demonstrates his stand.

The fact of the matter is out.

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